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Brea​​kin' Strings



Meet the Band

Cliff Gelina ​​​

Leader & Co-Founder of Breakin' Strings 

Cliff Gelina plays Mandolin mainly with Breakin' Strings but you will catch him pick up the guitar and upright bass or dobro as well. Cliff is also a Lead Singer & Songwriter of the group.  Cliff has been playing music for over 20 years starting with The Gelina Family Bluegrass Band. Cliff also had a solo music career being signed on to (Tate Music Group) TMG Records in 2014.  When Cliff was 15 years old he Started Breakin' Strings with Corey Bonnevie in 2004. ​

Corey Bonnevie

Lead Guitar & Co-Founder of Breakin' Strings

Corey Bonnevie is The Lead Guitar player for Breakin' Strings as well as a lead singer and songwriter for the band. Corey will also be caught playing the upright bass and mandolin at times. Corey has a strong musical background as well. Harmony is a HUGE part of what Corey brings to the table. He was raised in NC with a family singing in a church choir. He also has several generations of his family that are well known in the Maine bluegrass scene.   

Ed Howe

Fiddle Player & LIVE Sound Man of Breakin' Strings

Ed Howe is the Fiddle player for Breakin' Strings as well as the Sound Engineer and Driver when doing major travel. Ed Howe is a world class fiddle player. He has traveled the world playing music. Ed has over 25 years of experience playing music professionally and running sound for live events. Ed Howe has been playing fiddle off and on with Breakin Strings Since 2006.

Hunter Webber

Banjo Player of Breakin' Strings

Hunter Webber is the Banjo Player of Breakin' Strings. He has also been a huge part of the band for many years. Hunter has about 20 years experience playing the Banjo. Hunter is known to pick up the guitar on a few tunes as well. But when he plays Banjo, hold on tight... He is the driving force of this band. Hunter started playing with Breakin' Strings in 2006 

Brian Durkin

Bass Player of Breakin' Strings

Brian Durkin plays Bass for Breakin' Strings. Brian is the Newest member of the band, Joining in 2021. Brian brings a lot to the table. He is a seasoned musician who has toured all over the world as well. Brian is also a great Singer & Songwiter. When he picks up a guitar and starts playing country swing, it feeling like you are hanging out in Austin, TX. Breakin' Strings is proud to have Brian in the band!

Breakin' Strings Media Team 

Sandro Medici

Camera Man & Multimedia Production for Breakin' Strings

Sando is a NEW member of the Breakin' Strings Team. He may not be on stage with everyone but he is a huge part of the media you see online. Pictures, Videos, Interviews, Music Videos. He has a long work history of film production. Working on movie sets, Making Commercials, Doing photo shoots. He has done it all. Sandro joined the team in 2021. We all look forward to making some great music videos! 

Lucien Patten

Producer & Chief Engineer

Lucien Patten is the Producer and Chief Engineer for Breakin' Strings. He was once a Maine native himself but now lives in Nashville, TN and works as a Studio Engineer. He is a Graduate from the one and only Blackbird Academy in Nashville, TN. Lucien brings a great set of ears to this project and a great producer mindset. Breakin' Strings is thrilled to be working with Lucien and to have him on our team.